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Anti-aging moisturizer with powerful effect.

A cream specially indicated for mature skin due to its ability to deep hydration and regeneration. It does not irritate or dry the skin.

It produces a maximum anti-aging effect, regulating the natural production of collagen. It combines 100 units of the peptide Oligopeptide SP55 which activates telomerase and 30 units of TGFbeta, which help cell repair and generation of collagen.

Oligopeptide SP55: Essential active ingredient.

It is a peptide of 55 amino acids that naturally actives the DNA protection and repairing process. The ATM molecular complex normally detects DNA damage activating a signaling cascade that induces self-repairing, telomerase activity and thus cell protection. Provides nutrients whose intracellular cytoplasmic concentration is lower due to the treatment DNA natural repair needs.

TGF-beta: Cell repairer in damaged tissue and senescent.

Several studies have shown that they own multiple functions such as the stimulation of proliferation and production of fibroblasts, extracellular matrix components and inhibition of keratinocytes and other cells. These factors are involved in regeneration of connective tissue and improved wound healing. Signaling cascade TGF beta mediates reducing collagen production due to aging and to UV radiation.

ETHERNIUM: Other active components of the line.

The set of active components that make up the various products of the line Ethernium such as: Other peptides (Argireline, Leuphasyl, Snap8, Carnosine…), Glutathione, Vitamins A, C, B and E, plant hydrolysates (wheat, soy…) etc. provide effects that every professional knows for being usually given priority claim in professional products range.



  External use: cutaneous topical application or by electro medical systems.


  Bottle: Cream bottle of 30 ml.




Recommended MSPR: $170.00

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